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The Export Council for Central Europe and the Balkans will do a Road Trip in Denmark in week 14

08.03.2016  16:22
The Export Council for Central Europe and the Balkans is planning a trip around Denmark in week 14.

During the trip the export advisers will give briefings on the regions markets for the Danish companies that signed up and afterwards there will be individual meetings with the companies.
The export advisers are from the Danish embassies in Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, Prague and Zagreb. You can meet them here:

• Monday 4 of April, 15:00-18:00: eksportseminar i Hillerød
Adress: Hillerød Erhvervsråd, C4 Videncenter, Krakasvej 17, Hillerød
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• Tuesday 5 of April, 9:00-12:00: eksportseminar i Sorø
Adress: Gefion, Fulbyvej 14, Sorø
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• Wednesday 6 of April, 9:00-12:00: eksportseminar i Billund 
Adress: Jysk Landbrugsrådgivning, Majsmarken 1, Billund
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• Thursday 7 of April, 9:00-12:00: eksportseminar i Holstebro 
Adress: Holstebro Kommune, Nupark 51, lokale C, Holstebro
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• Friday 8 Of April, 8:00-11:00: eksportseminar i Frederikshavn
Adresse: Erhvervshus Nord, Silovej 8, Frederikshavn
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About the region: The 12 countries in the region have a combined population of 87 million and for Denmark the region represents a trading value of approx. DKK 24.5 billion annually.
Most of the countries in the region have an above EU average GDP growth and purchasing power growth. In 2015 Danish export to some of the countries rose with approx. 40 %.
The region is comprised of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. Interested companies can contact Zarko Masanovic on + 385 1 4924 550/ for more information.

You can read more about the event find the official invitation and sign up for the event by following the links below.

Sign Up Here

Program in PDF

Market Intro

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