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Croatia posts highest industrial production growth in EU

16.02.2017  12:21
In December 2016, industrial production in the European Union decreased 1% on the month, while Croatia recorded the highest increase, the EU statistical office Eurostat has said.
In November 2016, industrial production in the EU went up 1.6% on the month.

Croatia recorded the biggest monthly increase in December ( 3.9%), followed by Greece and Malta (each 2.4%).

The biggest monthly decrease was recorded by Ireland (-11.7%), Germany (-3.1%) and the Czech Republic (-2.2%).

Year on year, industrial production in the EU in December 2016 went up 2.9%.

The biggest annual increases were recorded by Croatia ( 14.9%), Latvia ( 11.5%) and Denmark ( 11.1%).

The biggest decreases were recorded by Luxembourg (-5.1%), Ireland (-1.8%), and Germany and Sweden (each -0.8%).

The average industrial growth in 2016 in the EU was 1.4%.

According to the Croatian statistical office, industrial production in 2016 went up 5% thanks to production growth for 23 consecutive months and a record bump in December of 14.9%. Last year was the third straight year that production in Croatia increased and did so at a higher rate than in previous years.

Source: Hina

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