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Croatia to have a record long streak of 29 months of rise in retail 

13.03.2017  16:53
Consumption in Croatia in January 2017 is set to have risen at a rate of 4.4% on the year, according to forecasts made by three economic analysts polled by Hina.

If their projections are proven true, this will mean that retail sales have been on the rise for 29 months in a row.

The national statistical office (DZS) is expected to publish its preliminary figures about consumption on Monday.

Consumption in Croatia in December 2016 grew at a rate of 5.8% on the year, the highest growth rate since September 2007.

The growing consumption is on the back of a rise in salaries since 2015.

A growth of 3.6% in personal consumption in Q4 2016 was a tailwind to Croatia's GDP rise of 3.4% in that quarter year on year.

Source: HINA

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