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Danish Wheels

Exhibition On Danish Cycling Culture Opens In Zagreb


The photo exhibition "Monumental Motion" by Danish artist and cycling enthusiast Mikael Colville-Anderson, on the coexistence of residents of Copenhagen and their bicycles, opened at the Technical Museum in Zagreb's Savska Street on Wednesday.

The purpose of the exhibition is to bring closer to residents of Zagreb the cycling culture of Denmark, a country with four million bicycles and ten thousand kilometres of cycle lanes.
Danish Ambassador Bo Eric Weber said at the opening ceremony that in his country a bicycle was not only an item for recreation on weekends, but a means of transport which 37 percent of people in Copenhagen use every day to go to work.

Every year around 450,000 bicycles are sold and because of increasingly high prices of petrol and growing awareness of the benefits of cycling, we expect that number to continue growing and believe that by 2015, 50 percent of citizens will cycle to work, the ambassador said.

Attending the opening of the exhibition were also the head of the EU Delegation in Croatia, Paul Vandoren, Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, and the exhibition's author, Mikael Colville-Anderson.

Source: Hina