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Visit from Danish high school-students

Two Danish high school classes came by the Embassy of Denmark to learn more about the Croatian society and the work we do here at the Embassy.

Monday the 9th of October 2017, the Embassy had an early visit from two Danish high school classes from Baltorp Gymnasium, a part of Next Uddannelse København. 50 students in total were on a study trip to Zagreb in order to get to know the Croatian society even better. As a part of this trip, the students came by the Danish Embassy to get a morning lecture, where Danish Ambassador Christian Thorning gave a brief introduction to our Embassy and the Croatian society followed by a presentation by the trainees on the political status in Croatia and the Croatian market as well as a view into the work of an Embassy. Finally, the students got to ask questions and give their immediate reactions to life in Croatia. As it turns out the students were very interested in learning more both about the Embassy and Croatia in general.