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Book Promotion – “The Danish Way of Parenting” 

One of Zagreb’s biggest bookstores served as an ideal setting for promotion of the latest but already bestselling book ”The Danish Way of Parenting” co-authored by Ms. Iben Dissing Sandahl and Ms. Jessica Joelle Alexander.

Photo: Embassy of Denmark

Full like a beehive, gathered crowd at the bookstore listened to a talk by Iben Dissing Sandahl for more than an hour after which the author answered questions.

Embassy of Denmark in Zagreb also supported the book launch and the ambassador welcomed the guests with a welcome speech mentioning many examples where Croatian and Danish tastes in literature go hand in hand.

Like the bestseller on “Hygge” – the art of making life cosy - and later the book on “Lykke” – the search for true happiness - have made substantial impact in Croatian society. These books are characterised by in one way or another to measure and portray the wellbeing of societies.

The event itself was used to celebrate a very special book published by Egmont Publishing – the book which is surely a valuable contribution to the understanding of the Danish society today.