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Croatia as a market

Croatia officially joined the EU on July 1st 2013, and thus became the 28th EU member. EU accession negotiations provided an additional impetus for the Croatian government to undertake measures to address corruption and bureaucratic and judicial inefficiency.
The Croatian market is small but complex. It is about the size of Denmark, but its geography divides it into two distinct markets - the more affluent and tourism-oriented costal region along the beautiful Adriatic Sea, and the inland region, dominated by agricultural and industrial activities. The country’s population of roughly 4.2 million is largely homogenous in ethnicity, language and religion; but in the summer months its numbers are doubled by tourists from throughout Europe and the world, making it a cosmopolitan market for products and services. 
Croatian ports and transportation infrastructure makes Croatia a natural trade gateway into Southeastern Europe. In brief, Croatia is a market of regional opportunity. Businesses considering entry should plan well but also consider Croatia’s position as the pre-eminent stepping-stone for developing most sectors in Southeastern Europe.


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