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First pilot project approved in energy efficiency of public buildings in Slovenia - 415 M EUR to be invested by 2023

30.08.2016  13:23
The Slovenian Government approved the first pilot project in the framework of a program which by 2023 intends to invest 415 M euros in the energy rehabilitation of public buildings, in order to increase their energy efficiency.

It is anticipated that the energy restoration of publicly owned buildings, with a total area of 1.8 million square meters, will be obtained, including 115 million in grants from European funds.

As a first demonstration pilot project, funds in the amount of 2 M euros were approved for energy renovation of court buildings in Celje, Murska Sobota and Slovenj Gradec

The works will be carried out on the principle of public-private partnership, announced the service for cohesion policy.

It is a model that would contract the state to the private partner to define the goals of reducing energy costs in the building, while all the costs of its services will be paid from realized energy savings, says the Slovenian Government.


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