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The Japanese will conquer Europe with robots from Slovenia

24.10.2016  21:31

The world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots from Japan, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, has decided to build its new factory for the European market in Slovenia. The news about it was first announced by Prime Minister Miro Cerar on social networks, after receiving a call from the Japanese company.

Slovenia has, according to Delo, ensured the investment of Japanese manufacturers in a strong international competition where other countries, such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, showed interest as well.

In the end, the choice was between Poland and Slovenia, which probably won because Yaskawe is already operating in Ribnica in the southeastern part of Slovenia.

The companies Yaskawa Slovenia and Yaskawa Ristro have since 1996 been owned by Japanese companies, and are currently employing over 200 people, while having a strong growth in sales as their income amount to 40 million euros per year.

Cerar recently said that his government is working on making Slovenia's business environment better, which will attract foreign investors in the field of advanced technologies, including Yaskawa.

Slovenian incentives
The investment in the factory of industrial robots is worth between 35 and 40 million euros, and will bring 200 new high-quality jobs to Slovenia.

Hubert Kosler, director of the facilities in Ribnica, would not reveal the location of the new factory.

''Ribnica is one option, but other locations may be good for this project as well'' Kosler said, adding that it is extremely important that the Japanese will not only build a factory, but also accommodate research and development in Slovenia. According to the current plans, the construction of the factory will begin by the end of next year, and the first robots will be produced in 2018 or 2019, while the key markets for robots from Slovenia will be Europe, Middle East and Africa. Japanese direct investment in Slovenia reached 44.4 million euros by the end of 2013. Yaskawa Ristro in Ribnica already produces a fifth of Yaskawa Europe's robots, which has 13 branches.

Slovenia will have to support the Japanese investment with 10 to 25 percent of its value, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Aleš Cantarutti, recently explained, who in March visited the Japanese headquarters of Yaskawa. The incentives that Slovenia will give will be provided by the budget for the year 2017, or in fact 2018, still making the investment by far the largest foreign investment in Slovenia in recent years. Yaskawa Electric Corporation, the company that invented the concept of mechatronics, recorded almost three billion euro annually. The corporate headquarters are located in Kitakyushu. In addition to the factories in Ribnica, the company in Europe has production facilities in Germany, Scotland and Sweden, while the European headquarters are in Germany, in Eschborn. In addition, the company has several factories in Japan, China, India, the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Known for Motoman
Yaskawa has installed more than 330,000 different robots worldwide, including robots for special applications (welding, palletizing, painting and cleaning, as well as solutions for the welding system turnkey etc.). First of all, the Japanese company is known for its line of industrial robots called Motoman. Financial indicators show that this is a solid company that operates and generates an average return of 12.8 percent of the investment, while the profit for the last fiscal year amounted to more than 36 billion yen (about 270 million euros).

Approaching customers

Japanese compliments to the Slovenian team
''The Yaskawina team in Slovenia is one of the most dynamic ones, it has exceptional skills and is therefore a serious candidate for new investments'', said Bruno Schnekenburger, president of Yaskawa Robotics Europe, in October last year. He announced strengthening operations in Europe, where they want to get close to customers and increase the production of industrial robots from 25,000 to 30,000 per year.


Source: Poslovni Dnevnik

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