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Peljesac Bridge gets positive opinion; 85% EU funded

21.03.2017  14:57
The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure on Monday received a positive opinion in an Independent Quality Review - IQR for the Peljesac bridge project assessing that the project is feasible for EU funding with a maximum share of 85%.

Over the next three months we will be informed of a final decision by the European Commission regarding the financing of Peljesac Bridge. If in that period the the Commission doesn't reject financing the project that will mean it has been approved to that amount that Croatia has requested and that is the maximum amount possible, a press release from the ministry said.

"This positive opinion is the second last step before final confirmation by the Commission and now the project will be sent to the European Commission by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds as the administrative authority for Operational Programmes from the Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 funds and the project should be financed in the amount of 420.3 million euro," the ministry reported.

The positive opinion from the IQR means that the procedure of funding being approved is nearing its conclusion which means that it will be necessary to prepare extensive documentation and obtain confirmation from JASPERS experts.

JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions) is a technical assistance partnership between three partners (European Commission, EIB and EBRD).

The Peljesac bridge project with access roads that will connect Croatian territory, meaning the European Union, will extend 32.53 kilometres in all. The project comprises three main phases - the bridge (2.4 kilometres), access roads from Duboka - Zaradeze (12.04 kilometres), ring road around Ston: Zaradeze - Djonta Doli which has two sections between Zaradeze - Prapratno and a ring road from Prpratno - Donta Doli (18.09 kilometres), the ministry added.

Source: HINA

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