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Computer giant opens call center which will employ at least 500 people

17.10.2016  12:42

The announcement by IBM that it will build a Client Innovation Center in Croatia, is one of the five most important economic events of the year, concluded a panel of economic experts and journalists. In the Center, which should open in the spring of 2017, the plan is to employ 500 people. A few months ago IBM published an announcement looking for employees for customer support.

Together with knowledge of English and German, from future employees it is expected of them to be team players, and preferably have experience in working in call centers. As business manager of IBM Croatia Damir Zec noted, employment will happen in stages, while full employment of staff at the Center will be a reality within a few years. In the industry it is said that this initial investment should not be more than five million euros. IBM is, in fact, engaged in the sale of knowledge and intellectual capital, which means higher investment in fixed assets is not expected. Representatives of IBM have intensively discussed the project with officials of the Agency for Investment and Competitiveness (AIK), but because of considerations and opportunities to invest in other countries, the whole process has been lengthened.

Competitors in this project were Slovakia and Slovenia, and the Czech Republic allegedly. In this way the transfer of services from Western to the Eastern countries, where labor costs are lower, has started. The final analysis showed that Croatia has a sufficient number of skilled workers, but also that the incentives for investors in the hi-tech industry is better than in other countries. It is anticipated that the number of employees will be greater than 500, because after that number and amount of incentives, which is used to reduce the load on the gross salary, it rises significantly.

As for now, IBM will not build a new center, but will instead move into some of the existing ones. As for the locations, Rugvica is mentioned - there the IT giant should place its megaprocesor, where millions of digital data will be archived. Initially they have been thinking about a location along the Sava River, through which three main lines pass, and is suitable to accommodate the demanding software IBM has. It is a piece of land on which HEP in the 80s of the last century planned to build a nuclear power plant (Prevlaka), which in the end was dropped.

Source: Poslovni dnevnik

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