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Increasing interest in Croatian market

15.04.2016  14:44

The Danish Export Council for Central Europe hosted a series of presentations on business opportunities in the Central European markets, as a part of a ’road-show’ in all of the Danish regions.

Zarko Masanovic from the Danish Trade Council in Croatia presented Croatia and its economy. This was received with great fascination by the Danish companies and they expressed great interest in the Croatian market.


The interest is well founded because Croatia is an economy in transition. After a long period of recession, they finally had a positive growth rate in the economy of 1.8%, and this development is expected to continue the following the year, with around 2% forecasted growth in 2016.

The new government as of 2016, has high ambitions of accelerating the positive growth in the economy in the coming future. This emphasizes the positive expectations for future potential in the Croatian market.

For more information on business opportunities in Croatia go to the Trade Council in Croatia.  

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