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Visa and residence permits

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.The procedures for applying for a visa or residence/work permit is described in detail at the homepage of Danish Immigration Service. Please click on the link below for more information about Visa requirements and other travel information.

Legal travel documents for Croatians travelling to Denmark

The Danish Ministry of Justice accepts the Osobna Iskaznica as a legal travel document for entry to and exit from Denmark.

Written statements for Croatian minors travelling to Denmark

Croatian minors travelling to Denmark do not need a written statement when accompanied by, e.g., a grandparent or a school teacher.

The Embassy of Denmark has a co-operation agreement with the Embassy of Norway whereby the Norwegian Embassy handles visa work for the Danish Embassy.

Non-Danish citizens who has permanent residence in Denmark, but who is missing or has lost the residence permit, can contact the Norwegian Embassy to have a re-entry permit inserted in their passport as a D visa.

Non-Danish citizens who wish to apply for a visa or residence permit to Denmark should also contact the Norwegian Embassy.