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Eligble for a SME Program?

SME and exporting to Croatia/Slovenia/Albania/Kosovo?

 In order to be eligible for TC grants all SME companies must apply formally by and comply with the following criteria:

  1. The company has to be Danish with a Danish CVR-number, i.e. the company needs to be registered with the Central Business Register in Denmark.
  2. The company must have less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of maximum 375 mill. DKK during the last fiscal year. In case the number of employees vary during the year, the average number of employees reported by the company to ATP (in Denmark) is applicable.
  3. If the company belongs to a company structure where the company is owned by another company/-ies with more than 49% and/or has subsidiary/-ies with owner’s share of more than 49% then the number of employees and the annual turnover of the whole company structure have to meet the SME-criteria. In the case where a parent company is owned by another company with more than 49% then the figures from this parent company also have to be included in the total figures and so forth with additional ownerships. This applies no matter if parent company/-ies or/and subsidiary/-ies are foreign or Danish.