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Are you using your full export potential?

Our elite program, VITUS, is your shortcut to a structured export success. You will choose your market and will get an experienced and local export advisor, as well as assistance from experts within export strategies. Together you will compose an operational Go-to-Market-Plan. The plan will be executed in close cooperation with your export advisor to generate concrete market orders. All within one year.

For one year, you will receive assistance from an experienced export advisor, who is a sector expert within your industry in the chosen market. The advisor is locally present and has insight in the culture, language, legislation, customers and competitors, as well as an already established network in the relevant market. Concurrently, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s Coat of Arms works as a door opener while also accelerating the process.

Together with the advisor, you will participate in workshops arranged by external internationalization experts and visit relevant stakeholders in the market. During workshops you will be networking and sparring with other VITUS participants. On the basis of these inputs, an operational export strategy will be developed and tested by an expert panel. This structured approach will lead your business to a targeted execution and will secure a faster foothold for you in the market.