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Past events

Smart urban municipalities/cities and energy efficient industries 

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 12 October 2017:

Montel and the Embassy of Denmark are organizing a business event in Ljubljana on 12 October 2017. The event will showcase Slovenian and Danish achievements in organizing and managing smart municipalities/cities. The event will connect local decision makers and the participating companies within the energy and environment field, and will consist of:

  • Lectures on good practice 
  • Round table debates
  • Project presentations 
  • Awards
  • B2B meetings

Zagreb, Croatia, 13 October 2017:

The Embassy of Denmark is organizing a business event in Zagreb on 13 October 2017. The goal of the event is to showcase Danish and Croatian achievements in organizing and managing smart municipaltiies and smart cities and inspire firther progress of smart urban solutions in the energy and environmental fiels, education and knowledge sharing. The event in Zagreb will consist of:

  • Lectures on good practice
  • Panel discussions 
  • Project presentations
  • B2B meetings 

Read more about the events in Ljubljana and Zagreb here.


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