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Strategic Advice

If your business is embarking on further international expansion and needs strategic sparring and advice, the Trade Council is ready to provide you with the services of competent advisers all over the world. They can assist you in preparing an overall growth strategy or spar with you about selected strategic focus areas.

When it comes to specific markets, the Trade Council can also offer the Vitus Programme, and we can place our IT based analytical tool Globalize at your disposal.

By means of a Globalize analysis, your business will obtain a picture of its strategic profile on a given market and in relation to a known competitor. The business will be able to identify the competitive conditions for successful expansion on the market selected.

What does this service include?

Globalisation brings with it a number of opportunities for Danish companies, such as access to new growth markets, the development of new business models, and unbundling and optimisation of the company’s value chain. Charting these opportunities and translating them into a strategy that safeguards the company’s competitiveness and growth presents a significant challenge.

By virtue of their market insight, the Trade Council’s advisors in both Denmark and abroad can assist you and your company with strategic sparring and advice.

With the IT based analytical tool Globalize, the Trade Council also offers you an overview and enhanced insight into your company’s competitive position in relation to the competitor on the focus market.

Structured, professional dialogue is conducted in Globalize, and questions and answers about market conditions, business conditions and the significance of political, economic and social trends lead to charting the company’s strategic profile – its challenges, strengths and weaknesses.

The strategic profile of the company forms the basis for laying down a concrete plan of action for the company’s market activities, for example in terms of sales, sourcing/outsourcing, recruitment and establishing research collaboration.

Companies utilising Globalize obtain:

  • Structured charting and documentation of the position of the company in the selected market area and in relation to a known competitor in terms of decisive factors.
  • A strategy paper with an assessment of the company’s strong and weak sides in relation to the most important challenges relating to the company’s strategy. 
  • A concrete action plan describing the most important activities the company should implement to reach the identified objectives. 

How do I get started?

The Trade Council is present in every important export market in the world through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ embassies, consulates general and trade commissions. The Trade Council’s global network of advisors with local expertise are directly at the service of the Danish business community.

If you need strategic advice, contact the Trade Council at +385 1 4924 550.

What does it cost?

In accordance with Trade Council guidelines for user payment, a fee is calculated for all individual services. The fee is based on time spent; at present the rate is DKK 935 before VAT, with a minimum charge of DKK 2,775 before VAT.

There is no charge for access to queries that are part of the Globalize analytical tool.  An hourly fee is charged for the Trade Council’s review and sparring in connection with Globalize.


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