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The Trade Council creates value, growth and knowledge for Denmark through global consulting services and partnerships.

The Trade Council is a customer-oriented export and investment promotion organisation. The Trade Council creates results through individual approaches based on the customers’ needs. Focus is to be placed where the Trade Council creates most value for the business community and for Denmark. This applies to both export promotion and efforts to attract foreign direct investment to Denmark.

The Trade Council

  • Helps customers with new businesses or helps to expand already existing ones
  • Provides customers with access to key decision makers and helps identify the right partners
  • Minimises risks through risk analysis and advice on CSR, including anti-corruption
  • Works on creating free and fair trade relations across the world
  • Benefits Denmark by bringing knowledge, investments and jobs to the country

Business Areas

The Trade Council focuses on the business areas of Global Growth, Global Public Affairs and Global Opportunities and Risks. Cross-cutting the business areas highlight our public service obligation at the same time as expanding our customer base.

  • Global Growth brings together traditional export promotion and internationalisation activities such as market access, joint promotion events, sourcing and establishment advice.
  • Global Public Affairs focuses on working with decision makers and processes in relevant markets and sectors important to Danish export companies.
  • Global Risks and Opportunities brings together a variety of areas related to the specific risks and opportunities encountered by Danish companies in emerging markets. This can for example apply to risk analysis, including political risk, CSR and anti-corruption, but also to new opportunities.


Royal Danish Embassy 
Trg N. Š. Zrinskog 10
HR-10000 Zagreb

Tel. +385 1 4924 530
Fax +385 1 4924 554



The Trade Council - Croatia / Slovenia / Albania / Kosovo

Zarko Masanovic
Head of Trade Department
Tel. +385 1 4924 550



Stine Skoven
Commercial Assistant

Tel. +385 1 4924 545


Regional Coordinator

Stig Fugl Lund
Regional Coordinator

Tel. +420 257 111 917

Mobile +420 257 111 917